Windows 7 - lost oper, sys.

Asked By samrrrr on 25-Jan-09 10:55 AM
i have xp home. recently i lost my operating system. so i installed
disc 1 of 2 up came r, f,y,andq i tried everyone it starts to work
then gets to disc format, stops and says cannot format user partition
sys,recovery cannot continue press ok then it starts over.what can i
do? funny the disc wont,please.

David B. replied on 23-Jan-09 09:50 AM
Assuming this is an OEM PC (HP, Dell, etc) you need to contact the mfg's
tech support for help with their recover process, it's not a Windows related
issue. If it's not an OEM you need to post back with hardware info, OS your
installing, etc.


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