Windows 7 - Automatic client logon after remote session end.

Asked By SverrirDThorarinsso on 11-Jun-07 05:05 PM
I was wondering, I use remote desktop in WinXP Pro to logon to computers
that display adverts in auditoriums at the cinemas I work for. Is it possible
for the client computers (advert computers) to log automatically to their
default accounts after I've finished the remote session? It would be a great
feature because I do always have to log on to the computers locally to get
the adverts running in the auditoriums. I have tried to search for this
feature but I've not found it yet. The advert computers have Windows XP
Professional SP2.

Sverrir D. Thorarinsson
Projectionist at Sena, Iceland

Shenan Stanley replied on 12-Jun-07 09:36 AM
Why not reboot after you are done instead of just logging out?
Then you could setup a default automatic logon and it would just naturally
do it at reboot anyway.

CTRL+ALT+END should bring up the window in the remote desktop session you
need to do this.

Shenan Stanley
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SverrirDThorarinsso replied on 12-Jun-07 02:28 PM
That's a good idea, I will configure the computers for that, thanks alot. ,'-)

Sverrir D. Thorarinsson