Windows 7 - Automatic restart after power failure?

Asked By RayMitchell_NOSPAM on 09-Oct-08 03:28 PM

In the event that a power failure occurs I would like my remote micro-ATX PC
to automatically power back up and reboot once the power comes back on.  Any
suggestions, links, ideas, etc.?


Shenan Stanley replied on 09-Oct-08 04:35 PM
1) Get a UPS with AVR technology (I recommend this for all important
2) Read your computer manual and learn how to setup your system BIOS so that
it does what you wish (if it has those options.)

Shenan Stanley
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RayMitchell_NOSPAM replied on 10-Oct-08 04:17 AM
Thanks Shenan,

I did not realize that the BIOS had such a setting.