Windows 7 - questions about Autoplay

Asked By Motort on 04-Mar-10 10:52 AM
Last year I installed KB971029 Update Autoplay functionality in XP. I
now want to restore Autoplay to original settings. Forgetting this I
first ran Autofix.exe. It did some corrections. Original functionality
still does not work. I navigate to the KB971029 folder in Windows. When
I use spuninst it say's a whole host of programs may not work. I am
nervous. This does just affect autoplay on drives does not it? Is this
just a Generic warning? I have autoplay set to "Prompt me each time"
for action (on the CD-ROM drive). Nothing. How can I get the original
functionality of Autoplay back? Thanks.

PA Bear [MS MVP] replied to Motort on 04-Mar-10 05:35 PM
Methinks you may be confusing Autorun with Autoplay here.
Motort replied to PA Bear [MS MVP] on 04-Mar-10 09:08 PM
Sorry, I am speaking of AutoPLAY.
PA Bear [MS MVP] replied to Motort on 04-Mar-10 09:32 PM
Even MS confuses Autorun & autoplay in

That being said, installing KB971029 will only effect USB flash drives.
ju.c replied to Motort on 06-Mar-10 03:47 AM
Windows XP Autoplay Repairing Tutorial

Autoplay requires the Shell Hardware Detection service, make sure
it is set to automatic and is running. To access Services, open the
Run box and enter: %SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc /s
CD-ROM May Not Run Automatically in Windows XP

The Autorun.inf file and the programs that the Autorun.inf file is
designed to run may not run if you are logged on to Windows XP as
a user without either Power User or Administrator rights.
By default, only users who are logged on to Windows XP with Power
User or Administrator rights are allowed to install software. In
Windows XP, files that have an .inf extension are considered to be
setup information files. As a result, the Autorun.inf file does not
run if you do not have Power User or Administrator rights.
Make sure that this registry value is set to 0:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]

And that this one is set as shown:

How to restore Autoplay to its default settings:

Enable/Disable Autoplay in Windows XP
Disable Autorun while keeping all the functionality of Autoplay!

1. Copy below and paste into Notepad.

----------copy inside only----------
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\IniFileMapping\Autorun.inf]


----------copy inside only----------

2. Save-as Autorun_Disable.reg (or any name + .reg)

3. Double-click or right-click and merge into the registry.

The effect is immediate, no restart or logoff required.
The BEST software for fixing autoplay:

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AutoPlayConfig  164 KB (Freeware)

Autoplay Repair  225 KB  (Freeware)
Main page:

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