Windows 7 - (MSCONFIG) An access denied error was returned while attempting to change a service......

Asked By Colin Trunt on 06-Apr-10 02:13 PM
..You may need to log on as administrator....

OK I get this in msconfig when making a change, however the change actually
is made despite the error message.

This is recent occurance, I am administrator (I have not changed anything on
accounts set-up)

I cannot fix this, I read it could be something to do with HP printers
and also something to do with anti-virus (sounds more logical).

OK so any ideas on how I can go about fixing it?

Also when PC goes to sleep I cannot wake it with either keyboard or mouse

Twayne replied to Colin Trunt on 06-Apr-10 02:29 PM
it is a "bug" and has been there for a long, long time. You
already know the change takes, so you will have to live with the
rest of it.

Neither. Just how it is coded.

Unfortunately it cannot be fixed unless a 3rd party might
offer something. I have never heard of a "fix" for it though.

That's another issue altogether.


Colin Trunt replied to Twayne on 06-Apr-10 03:13 PM
Well if it is a bug why have I never had it before?
Something has caused it and thus it can be undone, surely.

If find it rather unacceptable that there is no solution.

I mean presumable microsoft have the source code for MSCONFIG?

It must be simple to trace back from the error message back to the source of
the problem.

Another bag of shyte from Microsoft.
Colin Trunt replied to Twayne on 07-Apr-10 11:40 AM
No I will not, I have cured it :O)

Really could you provide evidence?

I have fixed mine.
Michael replied to Colin Trunt on 07-Apr-10 01:05 PM
Care to enlighten us?

If he is too old to fight, he will just kill you."
Colin Trunt replied to Michael on 07-Apr-10 02:11 PM
Start in diagnostic mode then change back to your old configuration
untill the problem reappears, I amd still reenabling stuff and have not got
the problem to clear yet.
Michael replied to Colin Trunt on 07-Apr-10 02:52 PM
So you have not nailed it down yet.

If he is too old to fight, he will just kill you."
Jose replied to Colin Trunt on 07-Apr-10 03:17 PM

You read it had something to do with HP printers?

You say you are getting this message:

You may need to logon as administrator?

That does not look like an XP message so maybe it is coming from
someplace else.

The next questions are:

What exactly does that message say.
Do you now or have you ever had an HP printer or any HP software

Here is my standard copy/paste to a message sort of like the one you
mention so if you come up with another condition or solution that is
repeatable and verifiable, I would like to add it to my information.

I doubt anyone in this audience knows how it is coded so saying the
issue is a coding problem is pure speculation.

If you can tell me how to recreate the problem on a system where there
has never been any HP software installed, I would like to know that

Trying to change something in msconfig you get access denied error
(but the change works):

An Access Denied error was returned while attempting to change a
service. You may need
to log on using an Administrator account to make the specified

If you have an HP printer installed, the problem is most likely the
HPZ12 service.

The msconfig changes seem to work, but the error message is annoying.

There is a possibility you will lose communications with your HP
printer if you want
to prevent the benign error message.  This may not be a problem if you
do not care about the
communications or never use those HP features.

You can also live with the message, knowing the changes really worked
or ask HP and
count on them to suggest reinstalling Windows for this or any problem
they cannot figure
out how to solve.

Depending on your comfort level with making system changes, here are
two solutions.

Before making registry changes, backup your registry with this popular
free and easy to use
Colin Trunt replied to Michael on 07-Apr-10 03:40 PM
I have fix the MSCONFIG access denied error in that it has gone away.
So I do not have a problem there as I have all the services I want running
or not running as the case may be.

It also cured another problem regarding the PC not waking from sleep
I am trying to find which program casued that and I managed to het it
to occur again, well almost, what happens now it the PC auto wakes
from sleep and that seems to happen whether the program is enabled or
disabled. That may be further confused by the short timeouts I have set
and also the confusion as to the difference between standby and turning off
monitor and drives.
Colin Trunt replied to Colin Trunt on 07-Apr-10 04:19 PM
I just set it to standby after 2 mins and that seems to work although
it had two attempts at going on standby first time I tried it.

There maybe some complications but atm the wake up seems to be OK
and I have most of the set-up as I want it.

I will try a few changes and see if I can get the problem back but I will
do that more on a daily basis as I am sick of re-booting my PC,
as it stands I do not really have a problem as MSCONFIG is OK
and wake-up seems to work.
Anyway following my proceedure seems to cure the problems,
it migh be harder work getting them to reoccur than it was getting rid of