Windows 7 - How do I get rid of a "USB Device not Recognized" message?

Asked By LynnD on 17-Apr-10 04:05 PM

LynnD replied to LynnD on 17-Apr-10 04:11 PM
More information.  I have unplugged and checked every single USB item on my
computer.  I have tried to Hide it in "Customize notifications."  This
message pops up every few seconds, and I cannot get rid of it.  Since I work
on this computer, I really need to fix this.
Lem replied to LynnD on 17-Apr-10 04:23 PM
Well, you could start by:

1. Identifying the device
2. Stating whether it has ever worked
3. Stating whether this error message happens all the time or only under
some circumstances (and if the latter, explain the circumstances)
4. Stating whether other USB devices work when connected to the same port
5. Stating whether you have tried to use the problem device in (a)
another USB port on the same computer and/or (b) a USB port on another
computer, and the result of such attempts
6. Stating what version of Windows you are using, complete with service
pack level

Or you could try turning your computer off, disconnecting the plug from
the power source (wall outlet; power strip; UPS), waiting a few minutes
and then plugging it back in and booting it back up.


Apollo 11 - 40 years ago:
VanguardLH replied to LynnD on 17-Apr-10 08:30 PM
Considering the extreme dearth of details that you chose to omit, one
solution would be to put a piece of opaque black tape on your monitor to
cover the area where this message appears.
VanguardLH replied to LynnD on 17-Apr-10 08:55 PM
You sure every USB device has been unplugged?  Do you have internal devices
that use USB ports, like a card reader?

After supposedly unplugging every USB device from all external USB ports and
all internal USB devices from internal USB ports (i.e., headers on the
motherboard), what do you see when you look in Device Management
(devmgmt.msc) under the USB category?

You can also USBView to see what devices might be connected to which USB

It came on the Windows 98 Resource Kit.  It can be downloaded from:

An updated version is called UVCView and is at:

Nirsoft has their own USBDevView utility at:

It not only shows the currently connected USB devices but also those that
remained enumerated in the registry; i.e., they had been previously
connected, enumerated to record their description, and that info gets reused
when you later plug in that same device.
spamlet replied to VanguardLH on 17-Apr-10 11:43 PM
I will second that usbdeview, its very useful for quickly seeing whats what
and whether it is safe to remove.  I keep a link to it on my quick launch
bar, and often use it.  Also gives you a handle on who else might have been
plugging in devices you were unaware of...

Don Phillipson replied to LynnD on 18-Apr-10 04:33 PM

Now that printers are programmable many of them include
chip reader which the OS thinks is a USB pseudodrive
(usually empty.)   If this is your problem, you may need
to suppress the report in the printer rather than the PC.

Don Phillipson
Carlsbad Springs
(Ottawa, Canada)