Windows 7 - Deleting index.dat files

Asked By bobster on 04-May-10 03:48 AM
Can someone recommend a good freeware index.dat file remover for XP/IE8?

Daave replied to bobster on 04-May-10 08:58 AM
Twayne replied to bobster on 04-May-10 05:36 PM
bobster <> typed:

Why use a program for that? Just do a Search of all drives for index.dat,
and when it is done searching, highlight them all and hit Delete or
Shift-Delete, which bypasses the Recycle Bin?

I periodically delete backup files that programs make that way. Even from a
Command Prompt, a "del index.dat /s" for each disk drive would accomplish
the same thing.  And you could put an icon Shortcut to it on your desktop
and use it without even touching the Command Prompt once it is working.

Assuming none of them are read-only, which they may be and which you might
have to change first:

@echo off
atttrib *.* -s -r <-----Remove any read-only attributes on system index.dat
cd c:\        <--------- Make sure you are in the root directory
del index.dat /s  <--- delete index.dat in the root and all folders under
cd d:\
del index.dat /s
etc. for each drive you have.

IMO it is best to never use 3rd party tools for things that XP can do so
easily; mostly because: You never know what you are going to get with 3rd
party software programs.

It worries me a tad that you want to delte all index.dat files though; are
you certain that is what you want to do?  Some of them are required to exist
in order to keep the folder working properly, especially with system files.