Windows 7 - Crashing, due to msvcr80.dll

Asked By Terry Pinnell on 05-May-11 03:49 AM
Suddenly Google Earth is crashing when starting. Gives this error message:
AppName: googleearth.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcr80.dll

I re-installed GE from scratch. Testing repeatedly I find that the crash
is erratic. It occurs on about half of startups, not every time, with no
obvious pattern.

Clearly it is something to do with msvcr80.dll but after much googling,
although I found many threads, I still have no solution. The intermittent
aspect is particularly bizarre.

Not sure if it is relevant, but one thing I tried was to use this command
in XP's Run box:

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\client\msvcr80.dll"

which was supposed to 're-register the DLL' for this application. But it
failed with these messages:


Anyone able to help please?

Bert Hyman replied to Terry Pinnell on 05-May-11 01:16 PM
While it is possible that there is an error in the DLL, it is more likely
that there is an error in the way Google Earth is using it.

The fact that you cant register the DLL does not necessarily mean
anything, since most DLLs do not expose COM interfaces and do not need to
be (and cannot be) registered.

Use the Windows search and you will find dozens of copies of MSVCR80.DLL
on your machine. You could replace the one in Google Earth's directory
with one of the other copies and see if anything changes.

It would be safest to make a backup copy of the DLL currently in the
Google Earth directory before proceeding; simplest way is to just change
the name of the original DLL first.

[Using Windows Explorer, right-click on the entry for any of the DLLs,
select "Properties" and look in the "Version" tab; try to make sure the
replacement DLL has the same version as the original]

Bert Hyman	St. Paul, MN
Terry Pinnell replied to Bert Hyman on 05-May-11 10:45 AM
Thanks Bert, much appreciated.

I did actually investigate the various copies and locations of

I am not sure how to interpret the fact that there are 4 different versions
based on their respective sizes. But swapping does not seem a good move
unless I can find another copy of the same size.

What do you conclude from the intermittent nature of the crash please? It
seems to me that maybe there is some conflict with another running program,
some sort of timing 'race' perhaps?

Also, it is been solid until very recently. I did install and uninstall
various programs, but should now be back to normal. I tried a system
restore to a very recent date without success, but I am a bit reluctant to
go back further as I have been fairly active in downloading stuff over the
last week or so and I'd lose it.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK
Denzoo replied to Terry Pinnell on 14-May-11 05:34 PM
I have the same issue on Win7 and GE : crash suddenly at startup.
After investigating i found that resident DropBox was the problem
If you cancel it, everything works fine again in GE
It seems that DropBox install a non compatible version of msvcr80.dll
Still  looking fot the "good" version of this .dll, for both programs.

Hope this helps.

Denis, from France