Windows 7 - Acresso software manager ?

Asked By scbs29 on 23-Aug-11 07:54 AM
Now and then I use IOBit Game Booster. When I have finished the game,
I tell the booster to revert to normal mode. This switches back on the
processes that were stopped to allow more performance for the game.
When these processes start I get a window labelled Software Manager,
and in the status bar it says
Copyright (C) 1997-2009 Acresso Software Inc. and/or InstallShield Co.
The window also states
The Software Manager keeps your programs up-to-date with the latest
security patches, inprovements, and bug fixes.
In the settings there is a list pf programs which the program checks
for updates ever day at 10:00 am.
This is the only time I ever get any mention of this program, so I did
a bit of investigation on my pc.

In the registry an entry under acresso reads
LocalServer32:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application
ProgID:   FNNClientDownloadManager11Lib.ISFile.1
VersionIndependantProgID:  FNNClientDownloadManager11Lib.ISFile.1

It does not appear on the list of programs, in Control Panel Add or
Remove programs, Program Files.
The only place is in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application
Data\FlexNet, which contains the programs ISDM.exe and ISUSPM.exe
under Connect\11, and the program ISUSPM.exe is in all users start
There are two instances of ISUSPM.exe listed in Task Manager
I have removed the entry from the start menu until I find out more
about it.

I have not installed this and wondered where it came from. Is it
something I should be wary of ?
Searching the web seems to indicate that it is nothing to worry about,
but I would like confirmation if possible.
I also gather from the web that to remove it InstallShield should be

I am quite happy to leave in on my pc, but not to automatcally start
with Windows.

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Rob replied to scbs29 on 23-Aug-11 09:00 AM
It is very likely part of InstallShield.  Some applications are
wrapped with an InstallShield installer and one option given to
the author is to configure InstallShield to check for updates for
their packaged application.  You can go into the configuration of
InstallShield itself on your PC to see which application(s) it is
checking for, then you will know which application(s) originally
installed it.  You will be able to turn the update checks off, or
remove it entirely if you prefer.  Doing that should not affect
any application which was originally installed by it.

Zaphod Beeblebrox replied to scbs29 on 23-Aug-11 09:07 AM
Sure you did - that is, you installed software that uses it.  It is
Macrovision InstallShield Automatic Updater.  See and

No more so than any other software that runs in the background and
automatically updates itself and/or other software.

So, the many forum posts and process library websites that all say it
is OK mean less than random responses from anonymous posters on a
newsgroup?  OK then:  It is nothing to worry about. If you disable it,
the only thing that will happen is that you will no longer get
notified about updates for the software it is configured for.

If it makes you feel better, sure.  It will probably come back with a
future software install or update though.

If having it start up and automatically check for updates bothers you,
then disable it.


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