Windows 7 - How do i get Harvard style referencing in word 2007?

Asked By lil bev on 26-Mar-10 05:50 AM

I am currently writing my Dissertation for my University Degree. I have
found the citation feature extreamly usefull as it automaticaly adds the
referencing to my work.
However, after speaking to my project supervisor, she has informed me that
the citation style will not be acceptable as it is not "Harvard" style.

I was wondering if there is an update that i can download to enable to have
harvard style referencing in my work.

I would apreciate any help that you can give.

Thank you

Yves Dhondt replied to lil bev on 26-Mar-10 06:41 AM
I suggest you speak again with your supervisor as there is no such thing as
THE Harvard style. A "Harvard" style is a style which uses (author, date)
formatting to identify references inside a text. The way the bibliography is
formatted depends on the institution issueing the style and can vary widely.
Your supervisor will have to provide more details on how he wants the style
to look exactly.

Some examples of Harvard styles you can use in Word 2007/2008/2010 are:

Harvard - AGPS :
Harvard - Anglia :
Harvard - Exeter :
Harvard - Leeds :

Installation instructions can be found at

BibWord : Microsoft Word Citation and Bibliography styles
Peter T. Daniels replied to Yves Dhondt on 26-Mar-10 07:22 AM
Note also that "Harvard style" is a term used only in Britain -- it is
unknown in the US, and in particular it is unknown to the Harvard
University Press.

(It seems to have gotten that name because it was first used by a
professor from Harvard a little over a century ago, in a journal

The "Harvard" style most commonly used in the US is the Chicago style,
and Word's "Chicago" style is a vague approximation of Chicago style.