Windows 7 - Change picture shape and effects

Asked By Anne on 18-Jan-10 06:36 PM
I have a Word document I prepared last year that included photos I inserted
and then changed to have rounded corners and a gradiant shadow.  I need to
change the photos in my update for this year, but I cannot remember how I
added the rounded corners and gradiant shadows.  I am at a loss and under
time constraint.  Help would be greatly appreciated.  I am using Office 2007

Jay Freedman replied to Anne on 18-Jan-10 08:34 PM
Don't start with the photo; start with the shape instead.

Click Insert > Shapes and choose the rounded rectangle shape (6th one
in the first row of the Basic Shapes group). Drag to draw the
rectangle. Drag the yellow diamond handle to change the radius of the

Right-click the rectangle and choose Format AutoShape. Click the Fill
Effects button. In the next dialog, click the Picture tab, click
Select Picture, and browse to find the picture you want.

When the AutoShape is selected, the Drawing Tools tab of the ribbon
appears. You can use the Shadow Effects buttons to pick a shadow,
although that will give you a flat shade rather than a gradient. You
might prefer the appearance you get from using the 3-D Effects button
and choosing a shallow depth.

Jay Freedman
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