Windows 7 - Page view

Asked By jf on 01-Jul-07 04:16 PM
I once had a page view that displayed in the far left (left of the left
margin) the pages in the document. It was not the Reading Layout View. I have
tried the following views with no success: Normal, Web Layout, Print Layout,
Reading Layout, and Outline. I have also closed all task panes. What must I
do to be able to show the pages of a document other than enter the Reading
Layout view?

Thank you.

l replied on 01-Jul-07 04:48 PM
Try View > Thumbnails. It may be the view you are looking for.

Lene Fredborg
DocTools - Denmark
Document automation - add-ins, macros and templates for Microsoft Word
jf replied on 01-Jul-07 06:06 PM
Thank you very much, Lene. View > Thumbnails did the trick.

The very best,