Windows 7 - works suite won't load

Asked By johnalangm on 15-Sep-07 12:52 PM
I recently purchased a new copy of Works Suite 2006, (I know it's new because
I broke the plastic wrapper. It has the license on the back of the case.) I
had to wipe my hard drive and re-install Windows Pro. for an un-related
problem. All my other programs re-loaded fine. Works Suite 2006 refuses to do
anything except make the green light on my cd unit glow. The person I bought
it from says it sounds like I'm missing some drivers or software. I tried to
correct this with a re-install of Windows but it didn't help. Anybody have
any ideas what's wrong?
Thanks Johnalangmi

Jim Macklin replied on 15-Sep-07 09:15 PM
Can you read the files on the WORDS CD?

Is it an upgrade CD or in a different language that your
operating system?

Have you opened the CD in your Windows Explorer and then
directly clicked the "install" program or are you depending
on an auto-run setting?

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know it's new because
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The person I bought
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help. Anybody have
Brent replied on 16-Sep-07 05:50 PM
Are you trying to read a DVD in CD-ROM drive?
johnalangm replied on 17-Sep-07 06:58 PM
I have a c.d./dvd  player/ recorder. all of my other programs are on c.d.
format and loaded o.k.
johnalangm replied on 17-Sep-07 07:08 PM
The c.d. is a new Works Suite 2006, all printing is in English so I must
assume it is an English version. I have tried both ways to install the
program, it stalls before it shows any screens and I can't see any files.