Windows 7 - "Works cannot complete the task" message

Asked By tommyvi on 19-Jul-08 01:45 PM
I have windows XP on which I have Works 7.0. I use Works every day and like
the program except for one thing. When I access the program from the Task
Launcher I get this message: "Works cannot complete the task. Try starting
Windows, or reinstalling Works."

I click the message box and up pops Works. There must be some kind of trick
to get rid of this annoying message box though - something to click or some
bit of code to insert.

Michael Santovec replied on 19-Jul-08 02:36 PM
Are you logged on to Windows as an administrator or Limited User?

The following article is for a different version of Windows, but you
could try the same fix and see if that helps.

Works: You Receive Multiple Error Messages When You Start Task Launcher


Mike -
Ken replied on 19-Jul-08 02:51 PM
This is the same query you had in your April 26, 2008 post.

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Subject: "Can't complete the task" message

You never responded to my last post in that thread.


tommyvi replied on 19-Jul-08 04:47 PM

Sorry for not responding. It is the same query and the same problem.

I have always logged on as Administrator. So this is not the problem.
Perhaps the solution is going to MicroCenter tomorrow and getting and
installing Works 9. That should do the trick and give me new functionality
too. I am perfectly satisfied with Works 7.0, though, except for that minor
Ken replied on 19-Jul-08 05:14 PM
The suggestion you didn't respond to in previous post was to create a new XP
user via control panel.

Shut down computer, restart then log on as this new user, does this user
have the same problem?


tommyvi replied on 20-Jul-08 08:55 AM
Ken or anyone,

I think I really messed up this time. I went into the Control Panel/User
Accounts and "tried to create a new XP user." In my experimenting in the User
Accounts I put the dot in Limited Account thinking that I could go back and
change it. I can't. Now all I see in the User Accounts window is -
Administrator, Limited Account.

Is there a way to reverse this and get my Computer Administrator account
back again?

That same bothersome message appears when I launch the Works program. None
of the suggestions helped in solving this. Maybe I should just transfer all
my stuff from Works to Microsoft Word.

I like these problems though. It's like a chess puzzle. It's fun to finally
find a solution.
Ken replied on 20-Jul-08 09:47 AM
Log on with Administer account, then make both accounts administer type.

new XP
tommyvi replied on 21-Jul-08 08:39 AM
Thanks everybody. I got my problems with Works straightened out.

I've had many problems in the past few months, especially with Microsoft
Expression Web. These forums have really helped me out with what I though
were insoluble problems. It's good to know that there are knowledgeable
people out there willing to help those of us who are drowning.
Paul Hattam replied on 26-Feb-09 12:04 AM
I don't know why this message suddenly started to appear for me... but...

I solved this by putting in my 'Works Suite 2003' disk. Telling it to uninstall Works 7.0 which it tried and froze with various error messages... which I closed out and then returned to the Works Suite install and reinstalled Works 7.0 (the icon had been removed) it managed the installation... and it solved the problem... the key appears to be uninstalling first... reinstalling Works 7.0 does not work without the uninstall attempt.